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About Ms. Cynthia

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    Ms. Cynthia was born in Winthrop, Massachusetts of 100% Italian descent. She has ties to several Metropolitan Boston areas. Her early years were spent on Marcella Street in Roxbury, Esmond Street in Dorchester, and Columbus Avenue in Mattapan. She received her early education at Theodore Roosevelt Elementary, William E. Endicott Elementary, Charles Sumner Elementary, and Washington Irving Middle School. She earned her high school diploma from Roslindale High School.

    After high school, Ms. Cynthia attended Fisher College of Boston for two years, where she earned an Associate of Arts Degree majoring in Child Psychology. Fisher College was where she became interested in human development, especially as it related to infants, children, and adolescents.

    Ms. Cynthia decided to pursue this interest in Children’s development and enrolled at the University of Evansville in Evansville, Indiana, which, at the time, was predominant in the field of Special Education. After four years Ms. Cynthia graduated with honors Pi Lambda Theta, earning a Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education and becoming a certified Special Education Teacher for children ages two to twenty-one in all areas of special education including the deaf and blind.

    Ms. Cynthia became an ordained minister in 2013; becoming a Spiritual Advisor. Following her ordination, she opened

    God Is Here I Am That I Am Assembly in 2015. 

    Ms. Cynthia's education and God-given discernment allow her to recognize the uniqueness and complexity of children, teenagers, and adults as they develop, and guide them on the right path. After receiving her Bachelor’s Degree from the University of Evansville, Ms. Cynthia returned to Massachusetts and began pursuing a Master’s Degree in Counseling. 

    Ms. Cynthia is a devoted, born-again Christian. She had a vision from God that affirmed her calling in life and her passion for children and, in September of 1986, God led her to open her very own private, Christian school. New Beginnings Academy started, at that time, catering for just preschool and kindergarten-age students. Soon, with hard work, dedication, and prayer, New Beginnings Academy ( expanded to the Elementary grades and then to High School. 

    Today, New Beginnings Academy continues to stand tall in Hyde Park, Massachusetts; serving all ages from 15 months to high school and beyond. A number of years ago, Ms. Cynthia recognized a need and began a High School Program for adults ages 18 – 88 who are seeking an official High School Diploma, rather than a GED.

    Although our Toddler to High School programs is the lifeblood of New Beginnings Academy, the Excel High School Diploma Program ( keeps the heart of New Beginnings Academy beating strong. The Excel Program is particularly dear to Ms. Cynthia, who teaches the program. The Excel High School Diploma Program has graduated up to 50 students per year for 14 years.


    Ms. Cynthia looks forward to continuing to educate and guide those who come through the doors of  New Beginnings Academy and the Excel Program as these students become the next generation of pilots, doctors, RN's, LPN's, lawyers, dentists, teachers, software developers, electricians, plumbers, business owners, athletes, entertainers, bus drivers, etc.

    Not only is Ms. Cynthia passionate about helping children and adults succeed, but she also takes pride in helping people of all ages who have concerns or problems. and may need guidance in any area.

    Ms. Cynthia brings her 30 plus years of life counseling experience to If you need an honest and real answer there is no question Ms. Cynthia cannot answer.


    Ms. Cynthia is versed in many topics including, but not limited to, relationships, marriage, religion, family, parenting, education, depression, coping skills, anorexia, panic attacks, addiction, divorce, obesity, racism, discrimination, poverty, anxiety, unemployment, finances, loneliness, abuse, cultural influences, alcoholism, disease, abortion, and educational concerns or if you have a medicated child and much more!

    Ms. Cynthia can help with these questions and more.



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