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Is My Fiancé Cheating on Me?

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Dear Miss Cynthia, Is my fiancé cheating on me? Will the relationship work out? -Worried in Missouri

Dear Worried in Missouri, First I have to ask a few questions: #1. How long have you and your fiancé been engaged?

#2. How long was he your boyfriend before you got engaged?

#3. What makes you think he is cheating on you? Please answer these 3 questions so I can better help you! Dear Miss Cynthia, 1. We met as friends, I was working an event and he was performing at the event.

We have been together for a year and a half. 2. We were friends for about six months but seriously still dating. 3. I found several messages on his phone to other women and he is being evasive and elusive..not communicating. -Worried in Missouri

Dear Worried in Missouri,

    The issue is that he is a performer! Women are attracted to performers, celebrities, people in political areas, etc. People in these situations are used to getting a great deal of attention and affection from the opposite sex! 

    Very rarely can one person fulfill the attention and affection along with other needs that this person has been receiving. I would have to say he is cheating on you and will continue to do so! End the relationship! It will be sad at first and your heart will break.

    However, it will be minimal compared to what you will go through if you allow this to continue! Trust me, the right man is out there for you. This one is NOT HIM!! You deserve the best, just be patient and the best will be given to you!  Dear Miss Cynthia, Has he been cheating the whole time or did he just start recently? Does he even love me to consider changing his ways? -Worried in Missouri Dear Worried in Missouri, The way we humans are wired is that we have a different kind of love for different people in our lives. For example, we love different people differently such as our mother, father, child, best friend, neighbor, pastor, church member, co-worker, (pet), girlfriend or boyfriend, and wife or husband!

    My fear is that this (infidelity) has been going on all along! That is why he feels he owes you NO explanation as to your enquiring about messages to “OTHER WOMEN”. He is not even trying to hide anything!

    Does he love you the way he should love a fiancé? NO! Will he ever change? NO! The only person he loves is himself! 

    Will that ever change? NO!

    (And the reason he will never change is because he chooses to be self-absorbed!)

I am so sorry honey, please go and find someone that is worthy of your love. The love of your life is waiting for you, go find him!!

(Also, if you have been intimate with this man, go to your doctor and get tested!) 

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