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Can I Marry Another Woman?

Photo by Simeon Jacobson on Unsplash

Dear Miss Cynthia,

I have been married for six years with one wife but have another girlfriend. Can I marry her also officially? I feel I am not satisfied sexually by only one woman.

Dear Confused about Marriage,

Marriage, according to God, is a lifetime union between one man and one woman! (To be completely honest, 99% of men would not be satisfied with just one woman if they had the choice!) However, you (they), must be faithful to your (their) one wife!

I am so sorry you have found yourself in this situation. I can see you want to do the right thing, but you are not! You are committing adultery and you are causing your girlfriend to also commit adultery!

Now, the right thing to do is break up with your girlfriend. If she is having sex with a married man (YOU), what makes you think she would not cheat on you if she was married to you? The answer is she would and will! Be careful when you break up with her, she may try to destroy your marriage! She is not a good woman due to the fact that she is having sex with another woman's husband and she knows it! You have been taken advantage of!

Go home and be loyal to your lovely, loyal wife of 6 years. You are a good man. I know you will do the right thing and God will bless you for it!

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