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I Got Accused Falsely of Leading a Strike in My College

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Dear Miss Cynthia, I hereby write to you seeking advice on how to cope with stress. In the past 2 years, I had bad luck circulating in my life. 1st in 2014 I got accused falsely of leading a strike in my college which later turned out that I was clean. Later in 2015 the administration of my college never got contented with my case acquittal. They failed me in almost all of my units deliberately so that they could eliminate me from my previous college. It hit me so bad that I got so depressed until today. Currently, my mind is in a state of turmoil I feel so worn out and defeated in a way because most of my peers have cleared schooling n some will clear school this year. My life has turned upside down. I feel that I can't do anything with my life and what I mostly do is sleeping to avoid too much thinking. I am writing this to you because my mind even at times tells me to commit suicide. Of late I have been even experiencing a lot of headaches and fatigue, and unworthy of living. I have even withdrawn from most of my friends so I feel so lonely that's why I feel like committing suicide. Please kindly assist and advise me on this. Thanks. -Stressed in Rift Valley-Kenya Dear Stressed in Rift Valley-Kenya, You must hold strong... We are at the end of days. Satan is attacking the ones that God has found favor with. God has found favor with you. Don't worry about the ones that are going ahead of you on this earth! You are FAVORED by God as Job in the Bible was. God had said to Satan, "Have you seen my servant? " Whatever you do to him... he will worship Me, the Most High God!!!!! And you have. Am I correct? Yes!!! Hold on to the hand of Jesus along with my hand and we will help you over this overwhelming time in your life. Read Matthew 5: 9-10. You are being persecuted because of righteousness! Just like Jesus the Christ was! From great persecution comes a great testimony..... Hold on tight to a hand that is Mighty... Do not give in or up! I love you and will always be beside you holding you! And I do not have to ask I know you are a Christian, you serve the Most High God. The enemy is trying to destroy you. He is trying to kill you because you are God's Elite!!! I do not say this to most Christians, because most Christians are devils! Dear Miss Cynthia, Thanks a lot, I have never gotten such inspiring and strong words in a long time. I am a Christian who believes in the power of Jesus Christ. I am trying my very best to move on. I know God has a great purpose in my life. I am praying to God He helps me heal so that by May, I will be able to continue with my education. Sometimes I feel lost but when I look up and pray to Him I recuperate my energy. -Stressed in Rift Valley-Kenya Dear Stressed in Rift Valley-Kenya, I am so proud of you. My words came from the mouth of God to your ears! You have a pure heart, you honor God. Be patient, God is very slow according to our timeline... But remember His Elite, which you are, will finish first in His work! Never look around, look up as you seek the face of the Holy One that you serve!!! Dear Miss Cynthia, Indeed our God is neither slow nor fast. Sometimes I ask myself why me and the way I have been good to everyone I come across. I have helped many without expecting anything in return. I have done so much volunteering and after all this life has turned against me. But I know my teacher and protector is watching all this. I know He will answer my prayers at the right time. -Stressed in Rift Valley-Kenya Dear Stressed in Rift Valley-Kenya, You have walked the walk Jesus walked and just as Jesus suffered, TRUE believers will all have a cross to carry...You are only 23, God has many, many, many blessings for you...Just keep giving, not expecting. And the King of all Kings will reward you beyond your wildest dreams! Dear Miss Cynthia, Yes, I am indeed walking on rich land. I believe that Almighty God will exalt me to places I have never imagined. I will wait patiently until the right time comes. I won't lose hope, I'm going to continue praying without ceasing. He knows all my troubles and weaknesses and I believe He will wipe off all of my tears. -Stressed in Rift Valley-Kenya Dear Stressed in Rift Valley-Kenya, Oh Jesus, thank you for shining your glory on my brother! We love, praise, and give you all the Honor forever and ever, Amen!!!! Dear Miss Cynthia, Yes, Jesus Christ indeed is the sole healer. As time goes by things keep on becoming better. The change might not be random but gradual n systematic. I will wait patiently on Him to answer my prayer. Thank you, Miss Cynthia. -Stressed in Rift Valley-Kenya Dear Stressed in Rift Valley-Kenya, I hope you had a wonderful night’s sleep. The angels are watching over you all the time! Dear Miss Cynthia, I had a wonderful one, the angels are indeed watching over me. Every day I am improving. -Stressed in Rift Valley-Kenya

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