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I Want to Protect My Income From My Husband's Increase in Child-Support Payments

Dear Ms. Cynthia, I'm marrying a man who has children from a previous marriage. He regularly pays his child support. Since I earn more than my fiancé, we want to protect my income from the future increase in support payments should the ex seek more. What are our options? -Possible Future Wife in Florida Dear Possible Wife in Florida, "To marry or not to marry," is a very important question; in many states even though you are divorced you may be financially attached to your ex until DEATH! In some cases, the income of the new spouse may be REFACTORED into what you owe your ex for child support and alimony! Tread carefully, and check the laws. However, be aware that laws may be in your favor now, but change later. I would put off a legal American marriage. If you like, get married in a different country, (that is not valid in America) say France. Very romantic! Then have a ceremony here in the states with your loved ones exchanging vows, with NO legal documentation! If you buy a home, boat, etc., it is to be put in the nonsupport paying spouse, however, the beneficiary is the support paying spouse. Good luck and I wish you both the best in your new life together! And please let me know what you decide!

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