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I Was Unable to Attend My Sister's Wedding, Now She'll Never Forgive Me

Photo by Gokil on Unsplash

Dear Miss Cynthia, Hi, I'm feeling sad/bad because I just saw my sister's wedding pictures online from today's nuptials and hate that I couldn't be there. She told me about the wedding only two weeks ago and asked if I could attend. Unfortunately, because of a financial stipulation, along with short notice and distance of the trip, I couldn't attend. Now she told me she will never forgive me or talk to me because if it was my wedding she would have done whatever it took to attend. How can I make this right? -Absent and Hurt in Boston Dear Absent and Hurt in Boston, Is this a younger sister; and was this an impulsive, last-minute wedding? Is this an older sister that is used to having her own way, at the expense of others? Somehow your sister does not understand the costs, the short notice, and all of the responsibilities that surrounded a decision such as this. My main concern is, will this marriage last? However, I can assure you that your sister will talk to you again; maybe sooner than you think! In the meantime send her a letter along with a simple wedding gift and your regrets for not being able to attend. This will leave the door open for the time when she will need you.

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