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Is It Appropriate to Ask Her How Many Guys She's Dated and Slept With?

Dear Miss Cynthia, I just met this woman that I really like. I wanted to know, is it appropriate to ask her how many guys she's dated and slept with? She said I can ask her anything my heart desires so I can get to know her better, and see the type of person she is. But is what I want to ask her too much and should I take her literally? -Curious in Boston Dear Curious in Boston, One’s past is their past and should remain in the past, the good and the bad. In life, as we mature many of us change. We cannot be judged on our past, good or bad! She told you that you could ask her anything because she wants to get close to you and develop a wonderful relationship. She wants you to ask her likes and dislikes etc., not her sorted sexual past. Always go forward, never back!

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