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My Boyfriend Cheated on Me, Should I Clean My Hands of Him or Block It Out?

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Dear Miss Cynthia,

My boyfriend cheated on me several months ago and I decided to stay with him, which was against my better judgment. We've been together for 3 years and I devoted a lot of time and energy into the relationship and that was one of the reasons I stayed with him along with his apologies, weeping, and promises to never betray me again. Honestly, I haven't been able to forgive him and have been looking at him with disgust every time I think about what he did. Should I clean my hands with him and let him go or block out what he did? And if I try and block out what he did, what are the steps I can take to do so?

-What to Do in Florida

Dear What to Do in Florida,

"History" for some reason keeps us holding on to things well over the expiration date when realistically we need to throw it away! Time invested should NEVER keep us holding on to anything ever (that we don't need or want)! Did he confess out of guilt, or did you find out some other way? This is very important in my answer! If you caught him, drop him, because if you did not catch him it may have continued forever! However, if he confessed out of overwhelming guilt, he may very well have been lured in by a woman that knew exactly what she was doing! If that was the case and he loves you, he will not do it again! Regardless the only way you should stay with him is if you really love him, and forgive him. That way you can move forward. In all of us, there is a line in a relationship in which a person cannot cross, all of us have a different line. It seems this may be your line! If it is, forget about the time invested, because from this day forward you are to consider you are wasting time! I hope this helped, please let me know what you decided!

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