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My Boyfriend Has Been Texting Someone In The Middle of The Night

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Dear Miss Cynthia,

I recently went through my cell phone bill and I noticed that my BF has been texting someone at all sorts of ungodly hours of the morning. Should I mention this to him, or should I just leave it alone?

-Stressed in Boston

Dear Stressed in Boston,

This is a situation, unfortunately, you cannot dismiss! It could be an old friend that can be in trouble and can only text him when everyone is asleep. However, this could be an after-hours relationship cultivating! This man could be cheating on you on YOUR own phone while you are sleeping! My question is why is it on your bill, and why doesn't he have his own phone? Are you carrying this man (in all ways)? Confront him, be aware he may lie to you, and if you are carrying him, drop him now!

Dear Miss Cynthia,

In response to your question...No, I am not carrying him...he is on my cell phone plan only...but he was texting on the line that he uses. I normally don't go through the bill but went through it that day. I went back through all the other bills and this was the first time they were texting.

Dear Stressed in Boston,

I wish I could be positive, but you need to confront him immediately! In previous months there is a chance that he was texting other women, just during normal hours (which would not make you suspicious). Things happen for a reason, funny this is the first time you checked your bill! There is a real trust issue here that is making you sick to your stomach. For your own good, get to the bottom of this. Deep down inside I feel you know the answer! Sorry...

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