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My Co-Worker Has Terrible Breath. What Would You Do?

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Dear Miss Cynthia, My co-worker has terribly bad breath. Others in the office have noticed it, but nobody has had the courage to say anything to him at the risk of offending him. I work closest to him, but don't feel "close" enough to personally confront him. The only way I can cope is to pop breath mints all day, and always offer some to him. Sometimes I run out of them, and I can hardly do my job. What would you do in my situation? -Choking in Miami Dear Choking in Miami, I had a similar situation. I worked with this woman for 12 years, and all of a sudden her body odor (BO) was horrible! It went on for a week. After that I just told her, I had to as I could not hold my breath any longer! She said, "I just changed deodorant, I will change back!" My problem was solved! I also had a male friend with some kicking breath. I told him and he was very grateful, along with the rest of mankind! He brushed more often and goes to the dentist regularly. By the way, I married him and he is a great kisser! You need to tell your coworker, it is not fair to him; you owe it to him as one human being to another. You know if that was you, you would want to know!

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