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My Girlfriend Is Having Financial Problems, & Doesn't Want My Help.

Photo by Nik Shuliahin on Unsplash

Dear Miss Cynthia, My girlfriend of 3 months is having financial problems. I want to help her and offered but she told me "Thanks but no thanks" as she explained that she likes to deal with her own problems. She said it in a nice way, but I can tell she really needs help and I have the money to help her. Does she just have too much pride? What’s going on because I want to help her and hate seeing her stressed out. - Dan in Boston Dear Dan in Boston, Honey, you have only known this girl for 90 days! You are very lucky she is not taking your money. Is she living beyond her means? Reasons she may not be taking your money could be because she has dignity, or she may not want to be obligated to you! In the future, please do not offer your money to anyone. As I said before," We are in a Global Economic Collapse." This is a time for you (actually all of us) to watch every penny! Please put your money away, don't give it away! Beware of the sharks out there that will take you for a ride and leave you high and dry! If your girlfriend does have pride, stick with her. Pride is a rear commodity these days!

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