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My Husband and I Disagree On What To Do With His Drop-Out Son.

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Dear Miss Cynthia, My stepson is 19 and has been a troubled teen ever since his father and I have been married. He is a high school dropout who has had run-ins with the law and has even been to the county jail for juveniles. The problem is, his father and I seem to always have spats lately over him getting him to leave the nest or as I like to put it, kick him out and show him some tough love for a change since he’s not doing the right thing. He doesn’t even want to look for a job, and when he finds one, it lasts merely a few weeks. I’m getting sick and tired of his disrespect of me ever since I can remember and it needs to STOP NOW! He is legally an adult now and I’m considering a separation from my husband until things around our home change. I hate to give him an ultimatum but it’s him or me. Is this fair? What do you think Ms. Cynthia? -BATTLE OF THE STEPS IN NEW YORK Dear BATTLE OF THE STEPS IN NEW YORK, Unfortunately, an ultimatum is all you have; you have done your best! A large sector of the younger generation is allowed to live, eat, and be clothed without working! If you keep feeding him, sheltering him, and clothing him as well as letting him watch a big screen TV and play video games with no curfew, things will NEVER, EVER change! Your husband has to choose, be careful, he may choose his son!

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