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My Husband Is A Great Dad, But A Lousy Husband

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Dear Miss Cynthia, I need your help. My husband is a great dad, but he's a lousy husband. The kids adore him but he never pays attention to me, is centered on his activities, and doesn't help me with anything. I'm falling out of love with him, but I really value my family. What can I do? -Worried Wife in Florida Dear Worried Wife in Florida, There is a strong possibility that your husband is following your example! When a child is born, the child can take up ALL your time, as do the others as they are born. If your husband's life is centered on the children's activities, then he has taken over where you have left off, so to speak! By being a wonderful mother by nurturing them, your husband may just be following your lead. You probably did not have much time for him in the past. The mother usually sets the tone for the household. So far you have done a wonderful job! Now it's time to readjust the sails. Make it a time when you ALL spend time with the whole family taking part in activities such as sports, family game night, movie night, and then start having a date night with just you and your husband.

Start out date night once a month. Get reacquainted! Please look at your husband through the eyes of your children. If you do, you will soon start to adore him! A good father more often than not can affect the destiny of their children, grandchildren, and so on!

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