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My Sister-In-Law Wants to Name Her Child After My Late Daughter

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Dear Miss Cynthia, My husband and I buried our infant daughter, "Michelle," two months ago. Every day since her death seems like a year. Sometimes I don't think I can make it. My pregnant sister-in-law just found out she's having a girl and has informed the family that she intends to name her daughter Michelle in "honor" of our baby. If this is a tribute, it is of no comfort to my husband and I. We have tried telling her that while we understand her intentions are good, it is just too painful because it is too soon. My sister-in-law freaked out and accused us of trying to make this all about us. Are we wrong to expect some compassion, or must we accept this "gesture and gift" and move on? -- GRIEVING FOR MY BABY


Tell your sister in law it is all about you and your husband! Tell her that is your daughter's name and to find a different name for her child and not to use yours! Tell her every time you hear the word “Michelle", it will be a constant reminder of your very painful loss. She knows exactly what she is doing! She is choosing to use your baby's name because she is a horrible, heartless person, and her intentions are not good! Express this to her and then sever all connections!

I want to add, I am deeply sorry for your loss. Your daughter is in the arms of Jesus and I promise someday you will be reunited with her if you seek the face of God throughout your life! If you would like to talk to me personally please send me your e-mail address and I will give you my personal phone number so you call me any time you feel the need!

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