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My Sister-In-Law Won't Pay Me Back

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Dear Miss Cynthia, I have been married to my husband "Rick" for less than a year and several months ago his sister "Michelle", who is now my sister-in-law, came to me kind of secretly and confidentially and told me she was in a bind while needing to borrow a sizeable amount of money. "Michelle" stated that with her next two paychecks she would pay me back in two installments, which totaled two weeks from the date I loaned her the money. Miss Cynthia, it is going on two and a half months and I have not received a dime from her! I was trying to be a good sister-in-law and build a good relationship with her and with this being her first time ever coming to me for help; I didn't want to turn/let her down. Now, I regret it as I can really use that money I loaned her at this present moment. I've called her and left her messages but no response. She even calls "Rick" and talks to him and simply avoids wanting to talk to me even if "Rick," says I'm in the room. I don't want to cause a sibling rift but I'm tempted to tell "Rick" about the whole situation even though she told me when she initially came to me, "Please don't tell my brother about this". I don't know what to do but I want and need my money back ASAP!

-Confused and Hurt in Mass

Dear Confused and Hurt in Mass,

You are not the first or the last person "Michelle" has hassled! These types of people have no intention of ever paying back! What you have to do is tell her brother; because it is something you will not be able to live with because it will eat at you! Be prepared, one of three things will happen: 1: He is on to her and will argue in vain to get your money back. That is why she begged you not to tell him in the first place. 2: She will manipulate him, as she has done in the past, that she is the victim, and did not think she had to pay you back. 3: She just cannot pay back now due to the fact that she is in such a financial bind. That is why she has been avoiding you (all lies). Just tell her brother once and let it go. There is a 99% chance that you will never get your money back, so let it go, and NEVER, I mean NEVER lend out money again unless it is money you do not need back! Sorry for your loss.

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