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My Wife Is Gaining Weight And I Keep Fantasizing About More Attractive Women

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Dear Miss Cynthia, My wife just had our second child 5 months ago and now she is gaining some weight! She used to be about 115 when we met. Now, she's probably about 165. I don't know what to do, but if she doesn't lose the weight, I want to leave her because when we first got together we agreed that she wasn't going to get fat and lazy. I don't believe there's a justification for laziness and I keep fantasizing about being with more attractive women. I feel like I'm wasting my life away while I stay with her when I could be with so many other women. She used to be really beautiful but now she's losing it! What do I do? -IDK Dear IDK, There are a few possibilities that may be going on. One issue could be an under-active thyroid problem (which can cause weight gain and loss of energy), the second could be a type of depression caused by having two children and being totally exhausted trying to care for them! Also, at about our late 20's to early 30's, our metabolism slows way down and our calorie intake must be reduced! Fifty pounds can be shed in less than 6 months, so the weight is not as serious as the possibility of her being exhausted or having a physical or psychological problem, due to the fact that early motherhood is very tedious and not rewarding! (Please avoid antidepressants). First things first:

1. A Complete Physical

2. High Energy Vitamins

3. A Gym Membership (a break from motherhood)

Then as much help as she can get with the housework and children. Get a sitter and have a date night once a week. This will motivate her to get dressed up (look sexy for you and herself). She may be in a rut and you may be the only one to help her out (be gentle). Good luck and please keep me updated!

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