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We Got An Invitation To A Dinner We Weren't Invited To.

Dear Ms. Cynthia, I'm confused. My husband and I received the following invitation in the mail today: "We Are Having a Surprise Anniversary Dinner for JONATHAN AND SARAH" (Sorry, you're not invited!) "Instead, we would like you to send an anniversary card postmarked by September 1, 2021. The card will be given to Jonathan and Sarah at the dinner to add to the surprise." Ms. Cynthia, we weren't the only ones who got an "invitation" like this. Have you ever heard of anything like this? Is this something new? I think the people who got these invitations were even more surprised than Jonathan and Sarah will be. -- NOW I'VE SEEN EVERYTHING IN FLORIDA Dear NOW I'VE SEEN EVERYTHING IN FLORIDA, After serious thought, I believe they are having a surprise dinner for just the couple and them, and as a special added extra, they want to give them a special anniversary card from friends. Unfortunately, I believe, they did not explain it in detail as to not offend everyone! Please find out for sure! If I am wrong and some are invited and some are not, please tell the host that she is extremely ignorant and lacks the class to send, "You are not invited invitations!"

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