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What Steps do I Take if I Suspect My Child is Being Bullied Online?

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Dear Miss Cynthia,

What steps do I take if I suspect my child is being bullied online? School is just starting and my daughter is depressed about going because of a rumor she stated is being spread on social networks. I'm not familiar with this new phenomenon of the internet and this new social thing. I don't know what steps to take, please help! For the past few days, she hasn't eaten anything and has cried herself to sleep again and again. Please help!

-Concerned and Confused Mom in New York

Dear Concerned and Confused Mom in New York,

This is a serious situation! Back in the day, we were only bullied by certain people at certain locations and at certain times of the day (for example 3rd period Math). Now with cyberspace, one can be bullied 24 hours a day, by people all over the country! What you must do is take her online access away! It is like a fatal attraction. She probably cannot stop checking to see what is being said about her online and this is the very thing that is causing her to slip into depression. Trust me, after a few weeks, they will target someone new, only if she lets it die. This can and will only happen if she stays offline COMPLETELY for a minimum of at least 3 to 4 weeks! This will not be easy on her part because she is feeding into wanting to know what people are saying about her, which is normal. Like I said, keep her offline, in a month's time, she will be ancient history!

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